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At various locations, we offer our customers services in the field of intralogistics with the highest quality standards. In addition to operating logistics centers for our customers, we operate a warehouse for our raw, semi-finished and finished aluminum goods for our manufacturing and trading operations.

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Services at a glance

From our materials management centers, we supply our customers in the aviation and energy industries with comprehensive services while maintaining the highest quality standards.

These include:

  • Goods receipt/quality control, procurement & disposition
  • Inventory Management
  • Customs clearance
  • Kit formation and picking
  • Production supply Just in time / Just in sequence
  • Internal transport
  • Shipping
  • Heavy lift logistics

Our locations

Material Center for Aluminum, Nordenham

In Nordenham we currently procure and store around 5,000 tons of aluminum per year. We operate a material center for sheet and profile materials on approx. 6000 sqm and supply our internal and external customers.

Here we take over for our customers and our own production:

  • Disposition
  • Purchasing
  • Customs clearance
  • Storage
  • Picking
  • Delivery

In addition to about 600 sheet variants (1200mmx2500mm to 2500mmx13200mm), we handle about 100 different profile variants up to 10 meters.

Materials Management Centers Aviation

At the Nordenham, Bremen, Stade, Varel and Augsburg locations, we operate the materials management centers for the production supply of our aviation customers on more than 50,000 square meters of warehouse space with our subsidiaries LTS Nordwest and Honold LTS, respectively.

With transparent processes, we achieve a high level of work and process reliability with which the quality requirements of the aviation industry can be met. By standardizing data and logistics systems, we avoid search times, for example, and achieve high productivity of our resources.

Impressions of our locations:

Our logistic solutions

  • Goods receipt
  • Customs clearance
  • Operation of automatic and manual warehouses for small and large components
  • Picking, kit forming and packing
  • In-plant transport with automatic transport control systems
  • Production supply to point of use
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • E-KANBAN Supply
  • Track & Trace, e.g. of load carriers, components and production orders

Etzel service center

In Etzel we operate our own service center, where all materials from small parts to large components (> 10to) are stored and handled for the supply of various cavern sites.

The warehouse is managed and controlled with our Move software. In addition to the direct interface into the customer’s SAP, the webshop application was implemented for the customer, enabling the fitters to order and receive their spare parts directly from the construction site using keyword search functions, clusters and images.

Digitization in logistics

In addition to highly developed IT systems such as our warehouse management software and vehicle control systems, we also use software solutions developed in-house to ensure the highest quality at all times. In addition, we have been mapping service processes in a service control system since 2018.

All processes are interconnected via the “MOVE” software developed within the group of companies in order to bundle all data, prepare it, display it with maximum transparency and thus be able to proactively influence the individual processes. This enables us to track the individual work steps in all processes – from goods receipt, warehousing, picking, internal shipping to booking at the receiving shelf – in real time at any time and to reflect them to our customer in his systems by means of status messages.

These solutions form the basis for our digitization philosophy, our guiding principle “…leanlogistics for our customer” and our understanding of the highest quality.


We are certified by DNV. Our certificates include:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • EN 9120:2018 based on ISO 9001:2015

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