Think big, start small, MOVE fast


Highest quality, adherence to delivery dates and productivity is our central drive. One success factor here is the use of modern and lean IT solutions.
Based on our many years of experience as a manufacturer and logistics provider, we have developed the Industry 4.0 platform MOVE.

Our platform can be used stand-alone or as an easy-to-integrate solution in your IT landscape. With MOVE, you can digitally map your real production world using machine and sensor data in real time. MOVE networks all resources involved in value creation and ensures optimal process control.

Contents of the page:

Services at a glance

  • Analysis and consulting
  • Networked production, logistics and control planning
  • Real-time control through dynamic scheduling
  • Store floor visualization
  • Reporting Services
  • Standard – ERP interfaces
  • Machine data integration
  • Paperless manufacturing
  • Mobile assistance systems

Process analysis, solution concepts, prototypes:

Fast and flexible to process analysis and optimization: Based on our many years of experience in logistics, production and IT, this is our central drive. That is why our analyses are based on concrete application scenarios, which we optimize in collaboration with the customer. Functional prototypes then help to move from the theoretical solution concept to the individual and ideal solution within the shortest possible time. Think big, start small and MOVE fast…

Integration of machines and sensor data

Using simple means to exploit the potential of our customers; that is our goal in the integration of machine and sensor data. Increasing standardization is making it easier and easier to access and link data in a variety of ways. Whether you want to use your options for store floor visualization, for the fine control of production and logistics processes, for determining plant effectiveness, or to create a basis for process optimization – we can help you.

Efficient control of production and logistics processes

Efficient control of processes is the central driver of A&T. That is why we have developed our own solution for optimal process controls with our Industry 4.0 platform MOVE. This platform not only enables solution concepts such as paperless manufacturing, integrated production and logistics processes or forklift control systems, but also quickly implements the use of handhelds and data glasses in a modular or integrated manner. Maximum flexibility is offered by supplementing the web-based solution with our MOVEmobile app for iOS, Android and Windows.

Research and development

Ever more flexible, efficient production and logistics processes for our customers – to achieve this goal, we are working with renowned universities to develop decentralized, agent-based solutions. Complementing this, ongoing assessments of the latest developments in sensor technology and wearables guarantee continuous improvement of existing concepts and state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. Always on the pulse of time…

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